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About The Stylist


Savannah native, Bobby Milford has always been known for his exceptional talent in making people look and feel their best. After 25 years of honing his skills as a hair care professional, Bobby brings his expertise back to his hometown with the only mobile salon in Savannah. Bobby’s Hair On Wheels will come to your home or office and offers styling options for men, women and kids. To schedule an appointment, call 615-403-8015.

Bobby's journey in the world of beauty and grooming started at the Madison Volunteer School of Beauty in Madison, Tennessee. He is the oldest of four siblings. Among his friends, he was renowned for his beautiful voice, and his melodious singing often echoed through the hallways of school. For the past 25 years, Bobby worked in Portland and Nashville, Tennessee, and most recently, at the Retreat Salon & Spa in Petersburg, Virginia. However, life took a sudden turn when his younger brother, David, tragically passed away in 2020. David was best known for his dedication to youth sports and his contributions to Dixie Youth and Little League Baseball. His loss left a void in the community and his family. Bobby felt the call to return to Savannah to be closer to his parents and provide the support that his brother had offered before his untimely death. Family is of utmost importance to Bobby, and he is grateful that his career allowed him to come back home.

The inspiration for Hair On Wheels came from Bobby’s customers. Over the years his clients expressed their desire for an in home or at work option. This would save them travel time and missed work. It would allow them to spend more time with family and not feel so rushed with personal and professional obligations. Bobby decided to turn these wishes into reality. Bobby’s Hair On Wheels is dedicated to providing high quality styling at a convenient locations such as your workplace or your own home. He brings all the necessary equipment to ensure a professional, mess-free service.

Hair on Wheels is currently offering a wide range of services with more in the works:

  • Women's Specialties

    • Multi-Cultural

    • Cut & Styles

    • Wedge Cuts

    • Current Styles


  • Men's Specialties

    • Military Cuts

    • Fades

    • Hard Part

    • Beard Trimming

    • Waxing


Book your appointment with Hair on Wheels today by calling 615-403-8015

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